which is the creation of ward s mitchell jr, who born and hails from land of oz (kansas), who now calls hawaii nei his home. having reached the juncture in life, where he reflects not only on that he done and learned, but what he has become despite his life journey thus far, he has been shaped and molded into that well-rounded individual, backed by the grace of god, who is has been blessed and can now give back, grow selfless and pay it forward!

being passionate about the business (biz bradda™), care-fully mentoring and coaching people (coach bradda™), always him – keepin’ it real (da bradda™), soul full, soul real and soul ready one about that life (soul bradda™), and always all about i.t. (tech bradda™), ward has created and curated his life passions and dreams into one that he calls – bradda works!

it is that consortium of all his passions (the braddas), whom he is the full creative behind, which allows him to share his experiences and all that which is him, through them (the braddas). excited and honored to provide his life passions, thoughts and self, he looks forward to what the future holds for bradda works!

from blogs and podcasts, stills and videos, quotes, affirmations, opinions and more, there will be no shortage of content and goodness here at bradda works. your consideration, interest and love is always appreciated and feel free, without hesitation, to contact ward, the braddas and bradda works anytime!