aloha, howzit and wuzgood yall, this is the soul bradda!

taking to the blog-ways for a change this fine early morning (12:16am hst to be exact). this week has and now was silly crazy to say the least! started off under the weather a bit which beat me down, to healing up a bit and gaining massive traction on the big priority work project due end of the calendar year (programmers never rest). this has been my life, work and maintaining self with peace and perseverance.

between all of that though, the holidays have slowly been creeping up on us. we have family getting ready to come in for a stay, nieces and daughters doing their annual holiday programs, you name it, life is busy but that sooooo gooood busy! i am super stoked and sincerely happy as my life has made a 180 degree turn from where i was this time last year and last few years up until now. many blessings to jah for keeping me healthy in this up and down world of covid, flu, rsv, bbx, stress and inevitable change!

now normally i crank a few podcasts out a week, but that had to take a back seat to all of the above and more not mentioned. my apologies for not cranking those “poddys (podcasts)” out. now in saying that, from my vantage point, the week here in hawaii nei is not over so stay tuned! the queen and i have errands to run (grown up stuff as always), in the am today, but after that, we both are due for some hobby time and r&r and will take that on before the festivities start to gear up for the week before christmas!

speaking of the queen, she and i made our one year together thus far folks! does not seem like it has been that long but when you are happy and having fun, time does not exist. life with her has been pure happy and so good – love you booski! yall, she is my best friend, my rock and my first last true love. soulmate, yea she has earned it and all! my kids, mom, family love her and she has captured their and my heart something serious by just being herself – the only kine way to do it! so to you my love, thank you for being my rock, my all and keeping me level and sane – our future is cemented!

folks, just so you know, my queen and i have both been through it in recent times before we met, but this holiday season, this will be the first of no stress, no drama, no sadness, no loneliness, just family, fun and memories for us – the way it is supposed to be! for my friends out there on your own, you are not, get connected! do not spend these holidays on your own, get out and volunteer, give and humble your heart while masking up and staying safe. many many years living here in hawaii on my own, i did just that and it was very self rewarding and fulfilling when on my own. remember that you are never alone, never, you always have that choice, so make it to not be alone but to find some normal while staying safe. keep jah first and foremost and ask him to guide you steps and heart and you will be just fine – i promise!

you know, i forgot how fun writing was and plan on doing more of it – but love podcasting! but just wanted to drop a few lines to get back connected with yall, let you know i am still kickin’ and here! so please do hang in there, be and stay safe and continue enjoying these very merry holidays. blessings and aloha to you and yours!